Abundant Mindset Affirmation

I am a limitless being. I can manifest whatever I put my mind too. I possess an abundant mindset. I do not know lack. I am limitless. My success has … Continue reading Abundant Mindset Affirmation

Grounding Meditation and Affirmation

Yes!!! This is my 30th episode of the Hello Goddesses Podcast!! Super stoked!!! Like-Subscribe-Share! Giving Is Reciprocal. Are you an Energy Connector or Collector? Sometimes, life can have us all … Continue reading Grounding Meditation and Affirmation

I See You!

Like-Subscribe-Share-Comment (Giving is Reciprocal) Excerpt from the book Brownslip, A Loose Woman’s Memoir by Mantra Lotus, “I see you, Sis! “They will try to steal your magic and place it … Continue reading I See You!