A Conversation On Love- “A Rock”

“So do you think they loved you?”

“Well, I’m not gonna say that they didn’t love me..they didn’t love me the way that I loved them.. they didn’t love me enough to rise to their higher self and recognize what I was offering. I gave love & gave love & gave. They didn’t give it back…they emotionally abandoned me and shut me out. They didn’t love me enough to respect me enough to end the relationship before allowing someone else to take up space in their heart, their mind, and share places that I thought belonged to me.

They did not love me enough to choose truth over ego. They didn’t love me enough to let me go… they wanted both.. they wanted more than I could offer because it wasn’t mine to give.

I gave what God gave me and she reminded me of the flow of Love…

…if Love is given and taken but not given back to the giver, you’ve made the mistake of giving to a rock…Rocks are not capable of receiving nor giving.

Keep it for yourself until a river comes along…A river flows.. it knows its power… it receives from the rain and gives back to the earth..abundantly. Rocks only support the flow of the river.

So, I guess…I fell in love with a Rock.

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