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Give when you have nothing to Give

The times when you think you have nothing to give are the times when you should give the most! Be receptive and open to the Law of Abundance. The Law Of Abundance teaches us how to believe in the invisible and create Magic from our minds. Give and keep giving and you will always be… Continue reading Give when you have nothing to Give

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What is the Purpose of MONEY?

What is the Purpose of MONEY? Have you ever thought of the purpose of money in your life? (rephrasing) Well, have you ever clarified MONEY and its purpose in your life? In the "Spiritual Talk" world we often communicate about the "Law of Abundance" the "Laws of Attraction" etc. and secret rules of manifesting "MONEY".… Continue reading What is the Purpose of MONEY?

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How to invest?

INVEST in what INVESTS in you! Those things that you mindlessly do; your hobbies, your favorite past-times, or your talents. Those things that bring you joy, peace, and clarity and are what you would rather be doing above anything else...those particular things are what ignite your soul force and your soul force is what brings… Continue reading How to invest?


Let go!

Nothing is more tragic than not being able to receive the Universe's blessings because of not releasing the past. Open your heart! Open your mind, body, and soul by letting go of past trauma, grief, struggle, and suffering. (Holding on to the past causes regret, resentment, and bitterness) There are boundless gifts waiting for you,… Continue reading Let go!


Soul Seeds

Some soul seeds haven’t hatched because you haven’t told them to!Allow your internal growth (inner spirit) to blossom & evolve. The outer reflects the inner. You are in control of your reality. Affirmation: I am more than a conqueror.I am the architect and designer of my life.The blueprint for my life and my manifestation plan… Continue reading Soul Seeds


It’s okay to not be okay

There will be Mountains...but guess what.. You will climb them! We all have trials at times in our lives because we are supposed too! Growth is destined..and it’s not always easy.. let’s create a sense of normalcy to not be okay..the process may be difficult but the end result is magical. https://www.tiktok.com/@mantralotus/video/7102138078696901931?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=7029823709724755462