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Give when you have nothing to Give

The times when you think you have nothing to give are the times when you should give the most! Be receptive and open to the Law of Abundance. The Law Of Abundance teaches us how to believe in the invisible and create Magic from our minds. Give and keep giving and you will always be… Continue reading Give when you have nothing to Give

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The Energy of Receiving

The Energy of Receiving Episode 5 Hello Goddesses Podcast "In the energy field of Receiving you KNOW your value, you ACCEPT your blessings because you are DESERVING." https://open.spotify.com/episode/2hGR9gyigfgn3mmTxG26Hq?si=0OEQ1V2EQTWMrF7C3WSGxA

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Shades of YOU, Artwork and Racial Equity Project

Introducing Shades of YOU, Artwork, and Racial Equity Project! This program has been in development for a while and I am pleased to announce that we are in the final stages of its progression. It began with Shades of YOU, 100 Shades of Black children's book which is a color therapy book for black and… Continue reading Shades of YOU, Artwork and Racial Equity Project

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Our Voices Hold Weight!

Join us for Tuesday Table Talks on March 21, 2023, at 8:00 PM CST. Our guest is Alderwoman (Alder Lady) Shameem Clark Hubbard of St. Louis, 26th Ward, and the incumbent running in the general election for the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen Ward 10 on April 4, 2023. We are discussing neighborhood growth… Continue reading Our Voices Hold Weight!

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What is the Purpose of MONEY?

What is the Purpose of MONEY? Have you ever thought of the purpose of money in your life? (rephrasing) Well, have you ever clarified MONEY and its purpose in your life? In the "Spiritual Talk" world we often communicate about the "Law of Abundance" the "Laws of Attraction" etc. and secret rules of manifesting "MONEY".… Continue reading What is the Purpose of MONEY?

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How to invest?

INVEST in what INVESTS in you! Those things that you mindlessly do; your hobbies, your favorite past-times, or your talents. Those things that bring you joy, peace, and clarity and are what you would rather be doing above anything else...those particular things are what ignite your soul force and your soul force is what brings… Continue reading How to invest?

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Meet Dana Christian

Join this week's episode of Tuesday Table Talks @tuesdaytabletalks on YouTube for an enlightening discussion with Dana Christian; Producer, Director, Camera Operator, and Editor. We are discussing Dana and his life, his personal experiences in shaping the film industry, Black representation in cinema, and how his plant-based lifestyle positively influences his life and well-being. Visit… Continue reading Meet Dana Christian

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Healing Black Male and Female Relationships

Special Series of Tuesday Table Talks! Join us for a healthy and candid discussion on Black Love! (Valentines Day!) 2-14-23 @ 5PM CST. We will discuss the want & needs of Black Love and our personal quests as Black men and Black Women. Join the live stream Tuesday Table Talks