What is the Purpose of MONEY?

What is the Purpose of MONEY? Have you ever thought of the purpose of money in your life?


Well, have you ever clarified MONEY and its purpose in your life?

In the “Spiritual Talk” world we often communicate about the “Law of Abundance” the “Laws of Attraction” etc. and secret rules of manifesting “MONEY”. But, similar to most things we forget the about the basics. What is our fundamental purpose for creating more wealth in our lives?

Defining our MONEY and its purpose is imperative to our complete manifestation of it.

So, let’s talk about MONEY! How do you define it? What does money do for you?

We acquire and spend, receive and give. We ask for more MONEY to have more MONEY to create more MONEY. But, for what purpose? Let’s simplify our reasoning by creating a mindset of “MONEY CLARITY.”

For example. My only definition of the MONEY that I manifest is to fulfill the purpose of my real-self. MONEY helps me to be more ME! MONEY helps by sustaining me so I can sustain and help all of what I have created in my reality. My family, My career, MY “things” all have been manifested by my chosen desires to have inclusivity and interconnectedness in my life. I need MONEY to be a better ME! Simply.

We are the co-creators of our own realities; we put our desires out into the Universe and the Universe helps us achieve those desires and MONEY is a cohort with the universe. It is our transport to our reality. Let’s be mindfully conscious of its spiritual purpose behind our desires by recognizing that WE are the fuel for MONEY by being who we are and by allowing our full selves to take up space. Create! Speak! Sing! Dance! Invent! Educate! Love! and actively participate in being YOU!

MONEY will come.

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