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Peace Protection

(Friday Focus) Great Morning! As we are entering the new year, let’s ensure that we maintain our focus and stay grounded in our direction! Protect your peace. Make conscious choices of what you allow into your space and keep negative forces out. Today’s episode of the Hello Goddesses podcast is called “Protect your Peace” and it includes guided mediation and lessons on how to create a “Spiritual Auric Wall”.

Hello Goddesses Podcast

What’s your gift?

If you want the best you have to be the best. In order to be the best, you must be able to recognize what the “best” is. There’s so much beauty in the world and an abundance of material wealth and worldly opportunity and we all love receiving it. But, in order to receive there must be an openness to give. We open our arms to receive but are our hearts open to give? The Universal Law of Abundance recognizes reciprocity. But, it’s not the way that some of us may think. It’s not a Give and Take, but a “Give and Give”.

Hello Goddesses Podcast


Good morning ❤ Let’s get this *Wednesday Werk!* Today’s message from the Hello Goddesses Podcast is “I am MONEY! (Money affirmation). What is your definition of Money? Set your intentions and mindset about money. Recode your thoughts and understanding of What Money IS.

Hello Goddesses is a spiritual and positive affirmation podcast. Specifically, for the self-improvement of women; (Goddesses). It’s an extension of the “Loose Woman’s Sanctuary” which is a sisterhood for women. Though it is made for the Goddesses, the messages of the Hello Goddesses Podcast are not necessarily gendered specific. Each essence can gain from the episodes. Thank you for listening.

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 4 Steps to help you achieve your career goals! 

This post is brought to you from the “Hello Goddesses Podcast”. Episode: “What is your work ethic?” Listen or read the following transcript.

Do you work hard? Or does your work, work hard for you? And we have all heard this one..or are you hardly working?

What is your productivity level? Is your input more than your output? Is the amount of work that you put into a project more than what you benefit from it?

And how much time are you dedicating to your work? Would you say 50%? 80, 10%?

Are there distractions interfering with your input therefore your output is inconsistent or poor.

And what about your Product? Are you manufacturing a good quality product?

Let’ talk about our Work Ethic.. shall we?

Step 1– What is your work? What are you currently doing that is bringing in revenue that will better your life and help you achieve your goals? And understand that your “WORK” should be the bridge-way to your happiness. Our jobs and careers may not always be satisfactory, or our life’s purpose, but they are vehicles to our destination…So maintain your focus on your Ultimate Life Goal. Your dreams, aspirations, and purpose out of life-That is your WORK; put forth tangible effort to monetize that.

Step 2– Once you have defined your work..how is your productivity level? How much time are you dedicating to your work? For 3 days, keep a tally of your clock-in hours. Clocking in means-no 20 min social media breaks every 40 mins.  No overthinking or underthinking yourself out of “Clocking In”. Clock in and keep a record of your performance.

Step 3-Now that you’ve “Clocked in” and are putting in the time and effort to develop your product. What’ the quality like? The quality of your product determines your longevity in the market.  Pay attention to detail. No rushing. And make sure you have a complete product. If your product is underdeveloped, it may lengthen the path to your goals. Our product is our legacy. So you want to make sure that it is incubated properly.

Step 4– Never stop completing Steps 1, 2, 3! Recap- 1. Know your Work.  2. Clock in (do the work)- 3. Your finished product is your legacy—so pay attention to what you put out.

Our come to clarity moment is...

I have a Strong Work Ethic

I know what my Work is. I am dedicated to creating a quality product. I utilize my time wisely to ensure the certainness of my success.

My success is measured by what I am able to do for myself with my work. My work helps me to achieve my life’s purpose. Ultimately, I am my own boss. My company, my work, and my product is myself.

I “clock in” for myself and continue to learn how to make my company better. My work is proficient and my product is a masterpiece.

I have a strong work ethic.

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Let’s Celebrate!

When was the last time you celebrated? Yeah, YOU! when was the last time you celebrated YOU just being you? You never wavered, you stood strong and convicted! You achieved what “They,” said you couldn’t! YOU DID THAT! YOU are a movement of legacies, a destiny of yesterday! YOU create order out of chaos! You betta celebrate!

Hello Goddesses

Hello Goddesses is a spiritual and positive affirmation podcast. Specifically, for the self-improvement of women (Goddesses). It’s an extension of the “Loose Woman’s Sanctuary” which is a sisterhood for women. Though it is made for the Goddesses, the messages of the Hello Goddesses Podcast are not necessarily gender-specific. Each essence (male and female) can gain from the episodes. Thank you for listening.

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The Soldier and The Monk

A Monk is seated quietly, at the Golden Gates of Heaven.

A soldier who just lost her life in battle greets him at the gates.  “Hello. Monk. Is this where I enter to get into heaven?” The monk gently smiles and asks..”Is it?”  The soldier confused said “That’s what I just asked you?  Is this the gate to Heaven? am I on the right path?” The monk smiled again and asked, “Which path did you come from?”  The soldier turned behind her, and there were thousands of roads and paths.  “Which one did you come from?” asked the Monk.  The soldier scratched her forehead and replied..”I don’t know.  I didn’t know that I had traveled that many roads. What should I do? Should I go back?” he asked the monk.   The Monk asked her..”Soldier if you do, which road would he take?”  Frustrated the soldier dropped all she carried and began to cry.  The monk continued to smile and sit quietly before her.  The soldier again turned behind her and looked at the many places from which she traveled.  He soon grew tired and weary and decided to sit.  She sat and sat. For days, weeks, and years..The Soldier sat. The Monk sat. Until one day, a Grocery Clerk walked up. He smiled and said “Hello” to the Monk and the Soldier and proceeded to walk into the Golden Gates of Heaven.

The Soldier swiftly rose to her feet, and asked the Monk, in bewilderment, “Why did he do that? How did he do that?”  The Monk smiled; ” Soldier, there are many paths behind you, but only one in front. Why would you question which way to go?  The Soldier shrugged her shoulders and laughed.  She gathered her things and walked right into the Golden Gates of Heaven.

“Never get too occupied with the past that you can not see the future”.

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Love and Compassion

Having true compassion for others means that you have abandoned your separatist views and you understand that each life force is an extension of yourself. We mirror each other. If you are unhappy with your viewpoint of the world and others, simply means that you are unhappy with those aspects within yourself. We are interconnected and all from the same source.

Love and Compassion (Transcript)

Never underestimate your greatness and power! And never underestimate the greatness and power of someone else.

We are reflections of all that is in the Universe. Remove ego and replace it with compassion.  We often overlook others, our loved ones, friend’s acquaintances, and other human beings as random placements in our environments and not strategic markers of our destiny.
Those that we look down on, those that we feel may not have anything to offer or teach us. See them as ourselves, actually see them more than ourselves then we are able to recognize the contingency of ourselves and our own infinity.

We are all interconnected and intertwined. There is no them and you..Just Us and we. 

Our come to clarity moment is:
My self-esteem is not based on the social comparisons of others.

I am Great and powerful because they are.

I am all-knowing and abundant because I recognize intelligence and prosperity in others.

My view of myself is reflective of my view of the world

I love who I am and I love others for who they are.

I accept my interconnection within the world and I understand that there is no separation of power or prodigy


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Grief and Storytelling

The loss of a loved one can be devastating and life-changing, and grief can be hard to overcome. In this episode, we are facing the reality of death by coming to clarity with the definition of Life.

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I Believe In Miracles

Sunday Spirit 🙏🏽❤️ “I believe in Miracles.” When did you stop believing? Do you remember the moment when you stopped believing in the impossible?

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Live Gratitude Meditation

Hello, everyone. I know all is well and as it should be. I have been blissfully busy. Currently, at a resort in Georgia. I don’t have my usual equipment or set up for recording my podcast so I used my phone. Be Grateful! Be Humble! Be Free!