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Love and Compassion

Having true compassion for others means that you have abandoned your separatist views and you understand that each life force is an extension of yourself. We mirror each other. If you are unhappy with your viewpoint of the world and others, simply means that you are unhappy with those aspects within yourself. We are interconnected and all from the same source.

Love and Compassion (Transcript)

Never underestimate your greatness and power! And never underestimate the greatness and power of someone else.

We are reflections of all that is in the Universe. Remove ego and replace it with compassion.  We often overlook others, our loved ones, friend’s acquaintances, and other human beings as random placements in our environments and not strategic markers of our destiny.
Those that we look down on, those that we feel may not have anything to offer or teach us. See them as ourselves, actually see them more than ourselves then we are able to recognize the contingency of ourselves and our own infinity.

We are all interconnected and intertwined. There is no them and you..Just Us and we. 

Our come to clarity moment is:
My self-esteem is not based on the social comparisons of others.

I am Great and powerful because they are.

I am all-knowing and abundant because I recognize intelligence and prosperity in others.

My view of myself is reflective of my view of the world

I love who I am and I love others for who they are.

I accept my interconnection within the world and I understand that there is no separation of power or prodigy



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