Treasure Hunting (Poem for my Daughter’s)

Sometimes…You got to get buried in the fire to come through a waterfall.

Sometimes…You got to walk in a field of weeds to see flowers grow.

Sometimes…You got to wake up to darkness in order to see the Sun…


ALL THE TIME…you GOT TO..look into the mirror. Look through the reflection, pass the glass, beyond the skin and bones; the veins and blood..

YOU GOT TO–Look pass all of what you physically see


Do some Deep Down Searching.

SEARCH for SOUL and find TRUTH!

Like in a Treasure Hunt…

Find Truth
Find YOU
Find the YOU that came into this world with a plan; a manifest destiny, a desire, a hope, a dream, a knowledge that only YOU knew.

Find (IT) and

Take Away, Wipe Away, Wash Off, Undress all the things that are not yours…
…all the thoughts that someone else made you think
…all the do’s that you never wanted to do
…all the things that YOU are NOT…Take it Away

Treasure Hunting

I got diamonds, rubies, black pearls and gold necklaces.
I found silver slippers, emerald and sapphire crowns.
I found jewels and gems, priceless artifacts and riches foretold.
I searched the depths…and I found the Wealth of the world…

MYSELF… the Truth..the Treasure.

Go find it girls..

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