Let us play the game..Now.  It’s our time (NOW)

I love you (for Now)

You say you love me too.

We meet at 2 am; 3 weeks straight (it’s a record)

Fever-flushed, hot, rough, and fast.

I love you now..In this moment..I love you

I even like you..I wonder why I hadn’t  (we haven’t ) done this before.  Why I hadn’t had you here sooner.

More for now, it’s more I want.  I want more..You want more..we take.. we steal..selfish fuckers.. taking whatever feels good, for how ever long it lasts.. I love it now.. I want it now..

In this moment..it’s YOU I want…

Two bull-shitters feeding each other the same shit..

Hungry and skinny for way too long.

Starving so much so..that we gobble up whatever is fed

We slurp

We gorge

We devour

Greedy Gluttons

Use to being used..played the fool by past lovers

We vow to be vindicated.. to get back all that was lost

We play love..we lie..we feed

We guzzle

We gulp

We stuff and cram whatever we can..

Now Obese and sick…we’re forced to spit out and vomit all that we consumed.

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