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Voodoo King

Sometimes..I wonder how we got here?

What magic did you sprinkle on me? Which Witch doctor did you visit, which High Priestess made you potions? And which one of these candles on the Altar is lit for me?

I frequently check the closets, the drawers, under the bed..for a raggedy doll with tethered clothes and strands of my hair glued in the part where a heart should be. I haven’t found her yet..but I know she exists.

I look in the mirror..and I see you.

When I speak..I hear your voice.

You’re buried within me..running in my dreams, laughing between my thoughts, whispering through my air.

Making me dance, when there isn’t any music.

You’ve done something to me..You did something to me!

You’ve changed me..

You’ve gotten into places that I didn’t know existed.

Your deep under my skin, oozing from my pores…dampening my brow.

You and your beautiful wicked ways…(You Got me)…but HOW?

How did you creep ever so smoothly into my labyrinth and find me? How did you break through concrete without a sledgehammer?

How did you melt my ice when I never saw a flame?

You’re cunning..You’re clever..You mischievous trickster.

You got me…You..YOU..You…

……Voodoo King..

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