Time for a little introspection. If things are not happening in your life the way that you think they should. If there are failed relationships, failed self-improvements, or business deals, maybe it’s time to look at your EGO. Our EGO will tell us that we are right when our heart is telling us that we… Continue reading Ego

Hello Goddesses Podcast

Peace Protection

(Friday Focus) Great Morning! As we are entering the new year, let's ensure that we maintain our focus and stay grounded in our direction! Protect your peace. Make conscious choices of what you allow into your space and keep negative forces out. Today's episode of the Hello Goddesses podcast is called "Protect your Peace" and… Continue reading Peace Protection


Grounding Meditation and Affirmation

Yes!!! This is my 30th episode of the Hello Goddesses Podcast!! Super stoked!!! Like-Subscribe-Share! Giving Is Reciprocal. Are you an Energy Connector or Collector? Sometimes, life can have us all in a tizzy. We can become overwhelmed, distracted and imbalanced by the demands of the world and our relationships. Also, if you are an Empath… Continue reading Grounding Meditation and Affirmation


Bend without Breaking

Sometimes the Universe can do unexplained and incomprehensible things to our lives. Natural Disasters like Hurricanes, Tornadoes, or Earthquakes unexpectedly erupt and suddenly we are left dazed and confused. We're lifted and twisted, turned and sometimes torn. Some of us are uprooted and lost. But, there are those who weather the storm. There are those… Continue reading Bend without Breaking