Grounding Meditation and Affirmation

Yes!!! This is my 30th episode of the Hello Goddesses Podcast!! Super stoked!!!

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Are you an Energy Connector or Collector? Sometimes, life can have us all in a tizzy. We can become overwhelmed, distracted and imbalanced by the demands of the world and our relationships. Also, if you are an Empath like me you may have interference from someone else and their mess. Instead of just connecting with someone you’ve collected their energy and possibly their mess. Today’s episode is a grounding meditation to help re-center, refocus, and get back on your life’s mission.

**Hello Goddesses is a spiritual and positive affirmation podcast. Specifically, for the self-improvement of women (Goddesses). It’s an extension of the “Loose Woman’s Sanctuary” which is a sisterhood for women. Though it is made for the Goddesses, the messages of the Hello Goddesses Podcast are not necessarily gender specific. Each essence (male and female) can gain from the episodes.

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3 Replies to “Grounding Meditation and Affirmation”

  1. Congratulations on your 30th episode! I would appreciate your advice. I find that I easily pick up on the feelings of others (which is fine), but if the person is anyone I’m more than a casual acquaintance with, I feel a responsibility to make sure that person is happy if they seem down. How would you stop that feeling of responsibility for other people?


    1. Hello there, thank you for commenting. To answer your question; I think the issue is reciprocity. We normally don’t feel an issue with making others happy especially our close friends, family members or spouses if our needs are met as well. There has to be a mutual understanding of reciprocity. When there isn’t, someone is being devalued in the relationship, and it’s most likely the one who is giving more than what is being received. Now, there is nothing wrong with helping each other and being a support system when needed as long as it isn’t a sacrifice. Personally, it has been a difficult lesson for me to be mindful of my self. To know when to stop giving if I’m not receiving but I find that once I do put limits on the “vampires” it teaches them how to appreciate me and my gifts, time, and love and there is no resentment or regrets. We are responsible for ourselves first…filling our glasses then we can give and share with others when there is an overflow…then it becomes a continuous flow of gifting. Thank you again, and I hope this helps.


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