We got funding!!!

Thank you to the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis (RAC) for providing the initial funding for this project!

The Gen Goddesses NFT project is probably one of my biggest enterprises to date. It not only consists of my artwork but the message and mission are strong as well! The Gen Goddesses NFT project brings attention to the 90% wealth gap that Black American Women experience and the discrepancies of obtaining funding for black businesses as well as the low rate of Black Women entrepreneurs. Actually, it is the only socially active NFT project of its kind. But, that’s not all! The Gen Goddesses NFT project includes a variety of tangible solutions to this particular issue. It teaches other ways for Women entrepreneurs and Black business owners to leverage their businesses, and create multiple streams of income independently.

Learn more about the project here: Gen Goddesses Official Website and be sure to sign up to receive information on upcoming events and crypto-literacy workshops.

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