Happy Women’s History Month!!!!

So what’s going on Mantra?!

Every year for Women’s History Month I practically do something magical to celebrate my feminine ingenuity, and this year is of no exception. Actually, this year I think I may have topped out… (NOT)…LOL But, I have totally amazed myself once again.

First, did you know that there is a 90% Wealth gap amongst Black American Women? Only 5% of Black Women are entrepreneurs and White men are 24 times more likely to own their own business than Black women. Only 20% of Black businesses receive funding and at higher interest rates, than whites. What’s even more astounding is that Black Women are still the most educated class in America! Also, 17% of Black Women are currently starting new businesses! That is compared to 10% of White Women and 15% of White Men. So, Black Women are Skilled, Educated, and highly motivated in the area of entrepreneurship but are not given equal opportunity to succeed.

So, what I have decided to do is to put my illustrator, coding, and developing skills into play. I am fostering an educational platform by way of 10,000 NFTs called Gen Goddesses and with the help of The Loose Woman’s Sanctuary to address the racial inequality of Black Women in business by setting up decentralized foundations within the Metaverse. I am launching innovative workshops that will educate Black Women Business owners on Decentralized Finance (DeFi), investing in cryptocurrency, and how to achieve financial success within this new crypto-universe by monetizing existing skills. Also, the Gen Goddesses NFT collection has some pretty rare qualities. For example, 60% of the profits will help fund the new wave of Black Women Tech-preneurs!

My motto for this project is, “If we cannot achieve complete financial independence within the physical realm, we as Black Women are more than qualified in achieving it in the Ether Universe!”

Anyhoo, Happy Happy Women’s History Month!!!!!

Here’s a peek at the Gen Goddess NFT project and keep a lookout for upcoming announcements and events.

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