This Is A Stick Up!


Image Credit: Ron English

I want the American Dream: Clean, Pristine, and Green!

Give me a Big Butt with Wide Hips and Full Lips..with Taut Thighs, Thin Waist and Heavy Breast…Tucked Lower-back and High Rump..So, that every time I walk it appears as if I am wearing a 6 inch, high-heeled pump.

Give me Silky Skin and Pearly-Perfect Whites…A Sultry Voice and a Bad Girl Attitude with a Bad Girl Appetite for the Men that are always “Ripe”; the ones that are fresh for the picking and Silver-Spoon Trained to treat me right.

Give me Gold and South African Diamonds..Trinkets and all the Pretty things. I want only Indian Silk and Satin from Japan. Jimmy Choo’s Shoes and Vera Wang dresses. Dangled Emerald earrings to hang underneath my long million dollar tresses.

Give me A Big Beautiful White House with White Picket Fence, and a White Blinged-out Carriage. I want…

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