The Lie

Please..just let me be tonight.

Whatever my offense..hold me fault tomorrow .  I need my rest tonight.  Please. Consciousness shakes my sleep. Truth slaps my cheek..yet at your forehead I lay close.

Face to face…

we got lost

in the fallacy of who we Want to be..

never to face the reality of Who we truly are.

Time caught  us

Time tripped us

we slipped.. we forgot…

Not able to distinguish the lie from the truth

until the truth found us.

(your truth first.).

You call… I answer…the truth. Cowardly available.

It Never mattered who you were..(I never cared)..content on the long as I never had to confess it.

these wicked escapades..

I trifle..I bore..I explode

I like… I think.

Tangible and Colorful. Spontaneous and Adventurous.

But…somehow the sweet just isn’t sweet enough.  Your medicine doesn’t fix…and the Lie can no longer hold me.

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