Losing Faith?

My Post (80)

Sometimes we lose faith.

We feel that we’ve been battling for too long. We wonder when “Our” time is going to come…when the suffering is going to end. We debate with God and ourselves, stressing all of “Our” good points and how we are so deserving of change for the better. “Why don’t I have…? Why haven’t I been blessed? Why am I struggling from week to week and living paycheck to paycheck? Why is THIS happening to ME?”

TRUTH: It happens because YOU keep thinking it’s about YOU! (It’s not) WE are apart of the collective. If you don’t eat, it is because someone somewhere isn’t eating. If you don’t have…it’s because someone somewhere doesn’t have. Have you ever thought about that maybe…just Maybe, God is teaching you compassion and humility? How can you understand someone who is starving if you’ve never gone hungry?

Don’t lose faith..just get to know it.

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