My Post (73)

Illustrious, illicit…an epic affair of magnificent proportion…

Colorful, bright, neon, shifty spectrum…. vibrant-red thigh, shines along purple beams.

Plum-black finger nails, waver in and out; in-between thin strands of wiry dark hair.

Sly crooked smile with perched glossy lip…left a cherry mark on the back of a strong neck…

…a full lash flutters simultaneously while glistened shoulder rises and instinctively forces the green cotton strap to fall..just slightly above her elbow

a glimpse of cleavage, a quick smile… and around she spins…

bending and arching
flexing and teasing

Her arms whirl above her head with winding wrists slithering in the air…showcasing her new treasure, his latest pacifier; a sparkly diamond tennis bracelet.

The ruffles of her dress feather against his pants..

Softly, he grips her waist and gently turns her to face him…

With long fingers he sweeps the hair from her face…with opposite hand he gently comforts the back of her neck..

In full view of her..he kisses her ear and rests in the scent of her..

Embraced, entranced, and out of step..they suspend on the floor

Her heels quietly click linoleum while slender arms hide in his suit jacket

…back and forth they drag…

Wishful thoughts of the moment lasting more than a moment.

Hopeless thoughts of leaving everything behind..abandoning all for all..

Two Greedy Hearts, reciting selfish prayers and wants of permanence…

(They were everything that each other wanted)…

In his face..her gaze pleads…”Make it last”.. .an envious dimple and a wailing wrinkle, beg him to stand up for her… Beg him to choose…her.

A sturdy tap on his shoulder… a dangerous eye…and the dance was over…

Now..alone and GREEN she sits…in a crowded room.

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