My Daughters and Sons

I’ve had many..many.. Daughters and Sons

I packed their lunches with their favorite foods, a blessed fruit, and a note “No Matter What, You are Great! You will do your best because you are the best!, I love You, signed Mommy and (smiley face)

I zipped their coats and helped them with their backpacks..Tied the laces of their shoes so they wouldn’t trip. I pinched their cheeks and hugged them tightly.

I’ve had many..many.. Daughters and Sons

I watched them from the living room window as they crossed the street…”Look both ways!” I called out.. “Okay,… Now go.”

I sent them on their way to school and waited impatiently for their arrival home

I’ve had many..many.. Daughters and Sons

Son’s as Mighty as the Midnight’s Moon. Daughters as bright as a Summer’s Sun.

…I cooked and cleaned for..I begged and borrowed for…I rallied and prayed for..

…I helped with math problems, and made grammar corrections, I sat with fat cheeks in school auditoriums and was the first to stand for ovation, yelling the loudest praise..”Yes!!! You go boy!”

I’ve had many..many.. Daughters and Sons

Daughters and Sons that share the same twinkle that highlights my pupil.

Daughters that followed my lead, and Sons that marched in my shadow.

Daughters and Sons, that have made my eyes dark and sunken from tears and worry… that have lined my forehead and arched my brow from anger and frustration..that have puffed my cheeks and creased my mouth from smiles and laughter.

I’ve had many..many.. Daughters and Sons

…that I sent away…never to return… That I packed away..never to be unpacked.  That are here, no longer.

Daughters and Sons..that are now gone… only to stand before me as Women and Men.

(It takes a village to raise a child..We are all Parents)

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