How I created my first NFT for Sale!

Yay! I finally dipped again in the NFT pool! I created an NFT for sale and cross-marketed at the same time! I’m kind of genius like

A year ago I published a children’s book, Shades of YOU, 100 shades of Black, which is an essential color therapy book for building self-pride for children and to change the definition of the color “BLACK” (Check out the Shades of YOU book page for more information)

As a promotion for the book, I created artwork that would be used to market the book and give more insight into its purpose. Well, COVID-19 put a stop to gallery shows and public viewings and I really couldn’t figure out how to re-market the book, until now.

*The colors chosen in the book and (SOY) artwork were selected by picking true colors taken from the photos of a variety of skin tones of African descendants from around the globe.

(SOY) Vanilla Sunshine Black .0.02 ETH

View the rest of the SOY NFT Collection before they drop

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