Full Moon Drop

I have been super busy! But, that is always a great thing. I have a new store with new products that I am very proud of. This is a pre-launch, more are to come..but it is a Full Moon tonight..so why not make the best of the creative juices and positive energy? Send lots of positive energy..let’s let the manifestations flow!

4 Ways To Have A Purposeful Life E-Book

4 Ways To Have A Purposeful Life, is a 5 minute animated visualization for meditation and centeredness. Full of positivity and affirmations. Simple Mindfulness at best.

Downloadable, mp4 format

I Believe In Miracles E-Book

I Believe In Miracles is a visual mediation with super-conscious affirmations. Mindful Guided Mediation.

Downloadable mp4 Format

2 Replies to “Full Moon Drop”

  1. Thank you ☺️

    >> Peace and blessings >> >> Frenchaire Gardner >> Serial Entrepreneur >> linktr.ee/beandusllc >> 314-690-8765 Sent from my iPhone


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