Abundant Mindset Affirmation

I am a limitless being.

I can manifest whatever I put my mind too.

I possess an abundant mindset.

I do not know lack.

I am limitless.

My success has no bounds.

My dreams are just the veil of my reality.

I can manifest whatever I desire in the physical reality.

I am limitless and boundless.

 I am more than capable of accomplishing insurmountable success.

There is no glass ceiling even the ground beneath me is weightless because my ancestors lift and hold me up. I float on their aspirations, work, and prayers.

I am my family’s manifested destiny.

I am the unstoppable legacy.

I am limitless and boundless, and capable of doing ALL things.

There are no shackles and I am not caged.

I am free flowing, self-governing and full of choice.

I am the BLUEPRINT to endless success; equipped with an infinite abundant mindset.


Hello Goddesses is a spiritual and positive affirmation podcast. Specifically, for the self-improvement of women (Goddesses). It’s an extension of the “Loose Woman’s Sanctuary” which is a sisterhood for women. Though it is made for the Goddesses, the messages of the Hello Goddesses Podcast are not necessarily gender specific. Each essence (male and female) can gain from the episodes. Thank you for listening.
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Giving is Reciprocal

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