Happy National Poetry Month!!!

Poetry (spoken word)

How can you not like poetry?


My Sister says that she doesn’t like poetry.  She said that Poetry is boring and makes her fall asleep.

What?! How can you not like poetry?

Poetry.. (come on now) POETRY?!

It’s a dance…kinda like ballet, one step and two steps, plies, pirouettes..

It’s calculated and intelligent like the game of Chest

It’s A rhythm..

…A flow

… a vision.

It’s a Float on a high pitch or a Swing on a low note

A Groove

A Kiss Up …a Brush Off…talk to the hand turn my back were through; (a Goodbye letter to you)

It’s an inside scoop

How can you not like poetry?  Come on sis? …

it’s a Power Fist…a Karate Kick

a Rebellion.. a Political Secret Society

It’s the beauty of  words…



Verbal Illustrations


A Soliloquy

A Sonata

Adjectives and Expletives

A Story

An Illicit Lyrical Photograph

A Telephone Conversation

A Parable

A Redemption

A Comeback


It’s An Artist’s Masterpiece

The Actors Script

The Drummers Beat

A Crickets Call

It’s in and out of fashion

Yeah, It’s  cool  for the Cool Cats that are Cool Now


It’s LIFE for the Visionary’s, the Revolutionary’s,  Luminary’s, and Activists of yesterday, today, and forever.

It’s the Uppity Stiffs with the tight ties,  the long flowing ruffled skirts with bare toes peeking beneath, the scarf wearing, laptop toting and Dashiki Dawners.

It’s a tale within a tale

A tale of Phyllis Wheatley being the first published African-American Woman poet

A light up..A Blast..It’s Rap!    It’s “Thinkin’ of a master plan / Ain’t nothing but sweat inside my hand” – Eric B. And Rakim

Gill Scott Heron? The “Godfather of Rap“..His Loud Un- televised  Revolution?

When Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. said “I have been to the Mountaintop.. (his last speech) THAT WAS POETRY!

Sonia Sanchez

EE Cummings

HARK the Raven Nevermore, by Edgar Allen Poe

I know Why the Caged Bird Sings, by Maya Angelou

and even the signature of David A.N. Jackson…   Always signed “I am sincerely (squiggly mark) David A.N. Jackson”

Come on now!!! Poetry?   It’s one word movements on plain white cardboard signs…  (Change)  C.H.A.N.G.E. Did it not rock the world.  Obama!! Obama!! (Change)

It’s Motivation and Inspiration…  A Smile..A Kiss..A Spanking..A Birth..A death

Poetry.. Poetry?!  How can you not like poetry?


(For me it’s the milk on my cereal)..The Commercials of my life..what wakes me up at night..what keeps me sleep and dreaming all day long.

Mantra Lotus c. 2011

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