NFTs for ART? NEATO!!!

I created my first NFT for art today…I’ve been into crypto for awhile and love the digital market, I think it’s pretty freaking awesome that there is expansion for artists and creatives to market their work within the digital currency world.

Check out my SOY (Shades of YOU) installation on OpenSea…it’s a unique way I’m launching my children’s book “Shades of You, 100 Shades of Black” and creating new opportunities for mental expansion (LOL)..a couple of headaches too. I’m still learning about NFT market so my expectations aren’t much…it’s a lot of fun though.

2 thoughts on “NFTs for ART? NEATO!!!”

  1. I like your NFT. Very different

    Congrats on the new book

    >> Peace and blessings >> >> Frenchaire Gardner >> Serial Entrepreneur >> linktr.ee/beandusllc >> 314-690-8765 Sent from my iPhone


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