Women’s History Month?

“Hey Mantra? What are you doing for Women’s History Month?” Hmmm? Since I am a woman, and proudly so..I make history with each step that I make! Ha!

Seriously, though..this month for Women’s History Month, I shared a new expression of movement for Women, called “The Loose Woman’s Sanctuary“. I’m super excited about it!

The Loose Woman’s Sanctuary is a virtual home for women to heal, grow, and let loose. It is an extension of my new book called “Brownslip, A Loose Woman’s Memoir“. Watch the video to learn more.

The Loose Woman’s Sanctuary is hosting its first virtual conference on March 24, 6pm CST! There will be guest speakers, Goddess Chats, Guided Meditation and access to webinars. If interested in attending, click the link below to register. Also, if you are interested in becoming a panelist, or would like to be influential in this movement, register and send me a direct email @mantralotus

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