How I completed a 5 day Dry Fast

Just finished my 5 day Dry Fast…well, intermittent fast. I fasted Dry; which means no water or food for 20 hours and left a 4 hour window for me to consume liquids, no solids, which was between the hours of 1-4 pm. Funny though, I didn’t really drink like I thought I would. I actually, took a couple sips of coconut water, I probably consumed a total of 12 ounces of water in over 3 days. My third day of the fast was completely dry and the following days, I sipped during the time I set for myself.

So, how I did it? and why?

Interesting enough, it was not as difficult as I thought. It’s funny how there are so many misconceptions and misinformation about how the body operates. I read, watched videos, studied the pros and cons of fasting and listened to doctors advice. But, my biggest interpreter was my body. I have fasted before and have extended water fasts which were pretty amazing to me. But, to go totally without food and water seemed daunting.

Day 1: (Monday) I woke at 6 am, to meditate and do yoga, which I was mindful of keeping my exercise light. I prepared breakfast for my family, (no problem). I made lunch for the family exactly at noon, (no problem). Then, I worked on some projects, At, about 3 pm. was when the cravings started. So, I took my sip (coconut water) the rest of the day went smoothly.

Day 2: (Tuesday) Same schedule, meditation and yoga. Noticed, I felt like laying down but I was okay. Kept busy but was extremely fatigued. Around the same time as the day before, but instead of just coconut water I decided to add fresh lemon juice, and a smidge of cayenne pepper (I DO NOT SUGGEST THIS!) Why! Why did I do that? I may have drank an ounce and immediately began coughing and sneezing, and had a crazy head buzz. I believe my body went into overload. It was just too much too fast. I thought that the lemon and cayenne would boost my energy..nope, it did the opposite, it zapped me. By 4 pm, I was out I slept all night.

Day 3: (Wednesday) I woke up feeling like a Super Hero! My energy was pristine. I completed my morning meditation, yoga and felt the need to add more. So, a couple of burpees, weights, planks and squats. I probably exercised for about an hour. I felt fantastic. I wasn’t hungry and didn’t feel the need to drink. My body and mind felt great. But, I was very emotional. It seemed as if I was emotionally purging.. I had a couple of crying bouts in-between complete bliss, but I didn’t feel On the contrary, I felt that my body was regulating. I felt that I was getting aligned. I had to release pent up emotions to completely heal. This was part of the process. I meditated throughout the day and listened to uplifting self-helps, gurus etc. And before I knew it, I had completed a full day of Dry Fasting. No sips of coconut water or cravings.

Day 4: (Thursday) I’m so proud of myself! That was the motto of the day. Also, coming to the realization that I am my best teacher! I am my own “Guru” and doctor. All the bad things that I read about dry fasting didn’t apply to me. My skin was glowing. My mind was clear..also my eyesight seemed to improve. I didn’t need my reading glasses. Pretty neat. And to add to the misconceptions of dry fasting, I had no problem with bowel movements or using the bathroom. I didn’t feel weak or lacking mental clarity, on the contrary..I was more in tune with myself, my goals, Spirit, and felt powerful in my connection with the Universe. I drank more today. I drank about 6-8 ounces of Coconut water during my 4 hour span.

Day 5: (Friday) Yay!!! It’s the last day of my fast!!! Yay!!! I’m doing my Happy Dance!!! It feels normal. Meditation, Yoga, and work was basically the full day. Also, I began planning how to break the fast. It wasn’t an obsessive thing, like it had been with past fasts. I wasn’t starving. I was more excited about finishing projects and celebrating that. But, my body looks good. This wasn’t a weight loss thing for me. It was a spiritual cleanse. Although, I lost about 2 lbs a day. I did not think to take a starting weight I only began taking my weight to monitor progress and because it intrigued me. In total I estimate that I have lost about 7-8lbs. But, I must add, I am small naturally, normally not over 120lbs. and I am health and diet conscious, I have been vegetarian for over 35 years and Vegan 15 years out of the 35 (you to the math). Anyway, I’m pretty healthy.

So, today! It is Saturday!!! 3:00 pm. and I am ecstatic! I woke at 7 am, drank coconut water, about 3 ounces and been drinking the same bottle so far. I’m easing out the fast. Plan on upping my fluid intake and probably won’t start solids until Monday.

This has been such a rewarding spiritual experience for me and I know it will be apart of my normal flow..not sure if I will keep the 20 dry fasting and 4 hours of consumption, But, I will definitely be mindful of what I put into my body.

The best advice that I can give about Dry Fasting is to listen to your body. Pay attention to signs of dehydration like dark urine, heart palpitations or feelings of severe lethargy. I had none of those symptoms. Stay busy! Use this time to reflect on your life, are you happy? are there changes that need to be made? Whatever your answer, meditate on it and ask for solutions. Fasting is a powerful way of manifesting. You remove the unnecessary things in your life. Weight, disease, emotions are just physical manifestations of what you have created for yourself in the physical. Clear away the negative (release) and all the positive in.

Happy fasting!!


3 Replies to “How I completed a 5 day Dry Fast”

  1. Hi Mantra, I have been performing intermittent fasting more recently. But found myself breaking my fast to bing eat or eat poor choices. I am very interested in this fast. I know I AM capable of completing the fast, but do not want to break it and use the time to gorge. What do you normally indulge in to break your normal fasts?


    1. Hi Pamela. I generally break a fast with fresh vegetable juice. I’ll go to a juice bar & grab whatever sounds yummy on the menu.. well vegetable juices because they are not as harsh on the body after an extended fast. I’m regards to “gorging” or “binge” eating, I think it’s more important to find out why you are having the cravings in the first place. Is it really hunger? Are you feeling anxious or pressured by an outside force to eat? What I’ve realized during my years of fasting that normally when that happens to me it’s issues that are bothering me & it’s at those times that fear takes over and I’m afraid to face them for whatever reason. And a good thing to be mindful of is to celebrate each moment of your progress. If you fall off you can always get back on. Make a lists of foods or drinks that you can indulge in during the fast at times of extreme discomfort.. then start back. Be mindful that your list is of healthy choices that way you don’t feel guilty. Happy fasting, Pamela!!!😊❤️


      1. Oh.. I need to add… with this particular fast I broke it by young my intake of Coconut Water, drinking about every hour, then totally with a carrot and ginger drink. After that I took my time with a seaweed fresh avocado wrap. I set my intentions on what I will eat after the fast. I plan for 3 days to eat raw fruits & veggies , smoothies, and juices. No breads, wheats, or cooked food. Then I will introduce my body to cooked solids.. but still very mindful to not undo my fast. If I fall off, I’ll start increasing my hours of fasting. That’s the beauty of an intermittent fast.. it doesn’t have to be so harsh.


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