motivation, poetry

I’ve been away

I’ve been away…

on a break.. a needed break.

A break from mental stresses..a split from reality…a pause from life.

I stepped inside myself to get away from myself…then

stepped outside of myself to peer inside of myself.

I’ve been away…

Not on vacation or paid leave..just (away).

I’ve been away…

to find a way… A way to separate the rough from the soft. A way to breathe clear air through murky waters.

I’ve been away…

to find a way…to trust in the process of the unseen; the All knowing ME that designed my destined path; created at birth.

I’ve been away…

to follow the way of “Easy” of “Free-Flowing” of “Peace”.

I’ve been level up. To upgrade. To return better… Smarter. Wiser. Brighter. Clearer. Lighter.

I’ve been away…but..I’m back now.

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