Dear Black Man

How could I not love you? How could I not treasure your smile, your walk, your talk?The echo of your words reverberate through my chest.The shine of your eye highlights my mornings.The raise of your brow sweetens my coffee.

Your Life
Your Legacy
Your Laughter
Your Triumph
Your Temperance
Your Tenacity
Your Vigor
Your Vitality
Your Virility
Your Defiance to not be Defined
Your Dignity in a world that tries to Destroy you.
Your Depth of love for life and survival.
Your Pride
Your Patience
Your Purpose
Your Essence
Your Excellence
Your Expression

Black Man how could I not admire your courage? How could I not be honored by you? How could I not be humbled by your plight? How can I not shiver for you? Breathe for you? Be greater for you?

Your Skin blankets my blues. Your Color is the melody of my life.Your Breath is my heartbeat.

I love you, (truly I do.)

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