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Ain’t it Strange and Kind of Wonderful

Geveryl Robinson’s parents, Harvey and Catherine (nee Jones) on their wedding day, Sept. 6, 1957, along with her maternal grandparents, Elizabeth and Clarence. (Photo courtesy of Geveryl Robinson)

And… they say that (IT) can’t happen.

They say…(IT) never existed.

They say…we were born workers, to give birth to workers who work for other’s..other than ourselves.

We accompany each other for just a moment in time.

They say…that we love and leave..because we are incapable of truly staying.

They say…”Papa was a rolling stone.” but my daddy never left me. My daddy never left my Mama…and her Daddy never left her or her Mama.

So..who is this “They”?

Ain’t it Strange and Kind of Wonderful..that LOVE always exists? That LOVE has always been the main course on black dinner tables? Ain’t it Strange and Kind of Wonderful..that there has always been Black marriages, there has always been long-standing committed Black relationships? That sometimes next to single parent homes there were two-parent homes..the narrative was deliberately left untold. So it’s Strange..but Kind of wonderful to know that there’s nothing wrong with black households..there’s no epidemic of Black people being incapable of loving each other and marrying for life-times.

“They” just omitted it..to have more “workers”.

Tell the truth. Become a Black Love Activist. Join the Black Love Activist on Facebook

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