Billie's Blues

Blue Notes (for Billie)

“Chile, That LADY sang dem’ BLUES”…

She sang of Men and Women, boys and girls, Love and Beginnings and the Beginning to an End.

She sang of her trouble and triumph

She sang through lynchings and beatings, in basements and back alleys

She sang in front of All White faces… telling the destiny of Black Glory

She sang of Right and Wrong and the Wrong in what “They” called Right.

“Chile, That LADY sang dem’ BLUES”

BLUES singing under BLUE lights

BLUE Notes tapping on Black Hearts

BLUE moods gathering the crowd

Lady Singing The BLUES empowering the soul

BLUE Melodies highlighting visions of Unity and Revolution

BLUE Resting places calming a tired flesh less body

BLUE Happy Homecomings of Midnight BLUE colored faces..hugging each other underneath BLUE Sky

A BLUE Sea of Spiritual Children..BLUE Hued by God’s Love..BLUE Blessed by Billie’s Revelation.

“Chile, That Lady Sang Dem’ BLUES”.

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