Sweet Talker

Wet Liquorice lips

Peppermint tongue with a Red Hot tip

Cotton Candy breath and Sugar Daddy words

He’s a Sweet Talker

Strutting his Fifth Avenue walk

Spitting his Juicy Fruit talk

Flashing Charms on his Hershey wrists and golden Ring Pops on his Hot Tamale fingers

Pixie StixJolly Ranchers and Life Savers bustle in his trousers

He’s a Sweet Talker

He said his name was Carmello and flexed his Hundred Grand chest

Twinkling his Laffy Taffy smile

Winking with his Cookies n’ Cream eye

Offering me a line of Jaw BreakersWhoppers, and Bazookas

Blowing me Starburst kisses and dropping Pop Rocks in my ear

“Who does this Wachamacallit think I am? He must think I’m a Air HeadLemon Head or Dum Dum!?”

I hold up my hand and say “Hey! Nutty BuddyTake5!”   I’m not into all these JujubesJelly Belly’s, and Tootsie Rolls. Peace out Mike & Ike” and I turn to walk a way.

Sweetly he stopped me, “Wait Buttercup, please? My bad.. Dove,  I mean.. (Rambling over his words)…I’m sorry for acting like a Junior Mint or Milk Dud. It’s just that you got me all Twizzled up and my legs are like Gummy Worms.   He softly proclaimed…”I just wanna be your Wonka Bar.”

“Awww”..I turn to face him. His cheeks were like Haribo Twin Cherries. His face was pure like a Milky Way. He held in front of me; his assortment of  chocolates in a heart shaped box.  “I think I know what you like” he said.. and with his Butterfinger he fed me my favorite..Chocolate Turtles.. (Yummy)

He’s  A Sweet Talker..But I like him.

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