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Discover the beauty of self-love and the journey to “freedom” and what it means to be “A Loose Woman”.

Brownslip, A Loose Woman’s Memoir clips the ropes and breaks the chains of misconceptions, generational gender bias, misogyny, domestic abuse, and self-hate. It reveals hidden whispers of women and hushed secrets by narrating stories of hardship, heartache, triumph, and body positivity through poetry, prose, and short stories.

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Brownslip: A Loose Woman’s Memoir is a powerful tribute to women who have experienced struggles and success. This book proves that everything a woman goes through transforms her into being the BEST woman that she can be- Tori Palmer

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Coming Soon!!! Dark Berries From A Southern Tree

Dark Berries from a Southern Tree, the three women and me. A family of women collaborate and share explicit accounts of triumph over sexual abuse, violence, and gender prejudice through cautionary fables and twisted tales.