Children’s books

Shades of You, 100 Shades of Black. A color therapy book for children.

From “Celestial Super Black” to “Iridescent Snow Black”, Shades of You, 100 Shades of Black, is a spectrum of uplifting black-hued celebrations. This book is a color palette of natural skin tones with names to be proud of, like “Heaven’s Gates Black”, “Chocolate Cosmos Black” and “Melanin Popping Black”. Mantra Lotus creates full-color pages of the diversity and beauty of black colored skin. Shades of You, 100 Shades of Black, teaches children to have a strong identity and empowers them to Glow Up in all of their unique Blackness!

“Sarrah’s Ice Cream is an AWESOME book not only for autistic children but for other children as well. The colorful art is beautiful!”

Julienne Chambers

Sarrah’s Ice Cream is a colorful expression of a young girl with autism and her love for Ice Cream. It is a visual sensory art book for special needs and young children with beautiful pages of brain stimulating colors and dense textile shapes that help create neural pathways for improving sensory processing. There are repetitive displays of Mandalas, Butterflies and overlapping 2-Dimensional shapes that benefit under-sensitive children. This interactive book is helpful for parents, instructors and caregivers. Bonus creative discussion questions at the end of the book for improvement of social skills and communication.

Blue Notes

Billie Holiday Tribute, Children’s Book (Releasing soon)