Blue Butterflies

(For Women’s History Month)

Throughout the ages..there have been Women.

Women who built and bore nations..

Women who fed and constructed.

Women that dug in the earth…

Basket Weaving Women

Powerful Juju having women…Truth Teaching Women…Geechi Speaking women

Herb Healing Women

Seed Planting Women

Heart Healers and Heart Breaking Women..

There were these Women..

These Thick in the Calf Women..that trotted long roads..

Ancient Gray haired Women that held stories close

Swollen knuckled Women that plucked the husk from corn.

Ruby-Black Desert Women that hurdled Cattle..

Birth giving women..

Tear dropping women

God Fearing women

There were these Women….

Yellow Women

Red-Boned Women

Community Women…Tribal Women…Single Women

Sexual women..

Big Butt Women..Wide hip Women…Part like the sea, every-time the Moon shines Women

Back-breaking Women..Tree Hugging Women

These Warrior Women..Samurai Women

Gift Giving and Life Saving Women

There are these Women….These Troubled women..These Cursed Women

These Tied to Stakes and burned on Crosses Women.

There are these Beat Women..These Bruised and Scorned Women

Mutilated Women…These Hurt and Battered Women

There are

Indian Women

Konichiwa women

Blue-Black women

Mesopotamian Women…Amazonian Women..African Women

Rulers and Servers

Concubines and Spies

The Gossipers and the Secret Dwellers..Them Women

The work 2 and 3 jobs Women

The Mad and Tired Women

Flying Women

Floating Women

Straight Haired Women

Nappy Headed Women

In the Mountains …In Wet Soil

No Breasted..and Bare Tittied Swinging Women

These Women….






These Women..

Like Pink Diamonds and Black Pearls..

Like Lotus Flowers and Blue Butterflies

Rare, Valuable, Treasured, Sacred, Admired, Original, and Eternal WOMEN.

Funny Valentine

Be Mine..LOTUSseed Valentines

My Funny Valentine

I love you more today, than I did on yesterday..

and tomorrow I will love you more than I do on today.

I cherish and adore you and welcome you completely and always into my life.

You’re my Funny Valentine

Your smile is as pure as an Indian Waterfall

Your touch is as tender as a baby’s first kiss.

Your voice is sweet like honey and molasses…

Your eyes are like Crystal ..your feet are like diamonds and your hair is like pure rain water

If I had hair of orange blossoms and kisses of Gold..and if by chance I carried the world all in my arms…I would give it all to you..because you are more precious than all combined.

I love you deeper than the Nile river..Deeper than all oceans put together…

My love is everlasting…my love floats on every Swallows song.

My love tastes like peaches and strawberries…my love blows and cools like a summer breeze, it comforts like a mother’s hug.

You’re my funny Valentine

You make me laugh when your words tickle the nape of neck

I smile at every morning when the sun whispers your name and at every hour the clock ticks…your heartbeat.

Hey..Hey LOVE….Hey Raspberry…Hey, Honey Dew, Hey, Sweet Brown Sugar..Hey Baby..Hey Boo?

Don’t change. NEVER CHANGE! Stay as you are! Stay as sweet and tender as you are! Stay as BLACK as you are! Stay as STRONG as you are..

“Don’t change your hair for me..not if you care for me..stay, stay..FUNNY Valentine stay….Every day is Valentines Day.”


I sit alone…

In the space of hereafter and nevermore…and

the colors of rust and Ambrosia.

I sit on the line of 3/4 of inch and a 4th of a millimeter

…in spaces of low ceilings and high floors..

I sit..boxed and cornered..within smells of rememberance..

Noise & chatter

Along creased bed sheets and fur blankets

Yet..I sit alone…in the spaces of hardwood & drywall

…covered windows with slim sun rays

I sit within limits and itinerarys

…bells and whistleblowers

The clock will soon cease and I will still sit…


Ancestral Walk

Walking through storms with my Ancestors like...

I am teaching myself how to make GIF files and basic animation..This the different transitions and evolution’s along the way…I think I’ll use it as my experimental piece and see how it transforms 🙂 (Fun stuff)

Walking through storms with my ancestors like…

My Belly


Dare I say that I love my belly…

“I love my Belly..”

Although, I haven’t had one in awhile.  I do now…. though brief; primarily from a monthly bloat…. but a BELLY nonetheless.

A Belly
-of Fullness
-of comfort
-of laxness

A Belly reflective of too much wine and cake
A Belly of too much laughter and late night folly

A nice bulge of roundness and suppleness..looseness and slouch

A plucked freedom from strictness and conservativeness. Relieved of restraints and firmness.

No high planks or sit ups. Not tight or tucked. A belly, my belly.

Out of my box for a moment…

A defiant Belly that says..”I don’t care right NOW! I’m tired, I’ll care (maybe) tomorrow.

A Belly that waits for TV and would rather eat than starve.

Plump and full, content and resurrected..For now..

I’ll be back on my self-proclaimed, perfectly created, road of perdition tomorrow…


Silly Little Fishy

Fish and cat Image credit: Unknown

Silly Little Fishy

Out the tank you leaped..ignorant and deaf
buck eyed and free

Thirsty for more..bigger, deeper, seas.

Hungry for what you “thought” was on the other-side of the glass

Silly Little Fishy

“The lake has dried up..there’s no water here and the oxygen isn’t that good either.

I watch as you gasp and flap.  The shine of your scales begin to fade….open and
close your gills blow…

Dammit!..Little fishy! I told you that the lake dried up. There’s no fresh water here!”

I scoop you fast, and drop quickly into the tank.  Shyly, and breathlessly you thank me. We both laugh at your foolishness.

Silly Little Fishy..Don’t cha’ know that Big Cats like me… Eat little fish like you. You may wanna stay in your tank.

Spacing out


Where were you just now?


…I was on a satirical sabbatical..

…Floating on a hopes hustle..

…Tiptoeing on the pebbles of Buddha

…I was in the middle of a tyrannical tirade; a typical eyebrow tantrum

…Picking up the stairs on the way up to heaven..(didn’t want any unwelcome visitors)

…I was talking to Jack about where he got those magic beans..

…I was helping Alexandre Dumas finish his last book..

…Laying on a T-Rex

…Babysitting my Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Aunt’s Cousins Sister’s baby

Josephine Baker Josephine Baker (Photo credit: thefoxling)

…In Uncle Tom’s Cabin…Sliding down the red stripes of a candy cane

…Braiding Pocahontas‘s hair

…Planting more Sumatran Tigers in the garden..”You know there almost extinct..right?”

…I went to go see the Queen about all those taxes she was proposing, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t on the list

….Josephine Baker was teaching…

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The Soldier and The Monk (Fable)

A Monk is seated quietly, at the Golden Gates of Heaven.

A soldier who just lost his life in battle greets him at the gates.  “Hello. Monk. Is this where I enter to get into heaven?” The monk gently smiles and asks..”Is it?”  The soldier confused said “That’s what I just asked you?  Is this the gate to Heaven? am I on the right path?” The monk smiled again and asked “Which path did you come from?”  The soldier turned behind him, and there were thousands of roads and paths.  “Which one did you come from?” asked the Monk.  The soldier scratched his forehead and replied..”I don’t know.  I didn’t know that I had traveled that many roads. What should I do? Should I go back?” he asked the monk.   The Monk asked him..”Soldier if you do, which road would he take?”  Frustrated the soldier dropped all he carried and began to cry.  The monk continued to smile and sit quietly before him.  The soldier again turned behind him and looked at the many places from which he traveled.  He soon grew tired and weary and decided to sit.  He sat and sat. For days, weeks, and years..The Soldier sat. The Monk sat. Until one day, a Grocery Clerk walked up. He smiled and said “Hello” to the Monk and the Soldier and continued to walk into the Golden Gates of Heaven.

The Soldier swiftly rose to his feet, and asked the Monk, in bewilderment, “Why did he do that? How did he do that?”  The Monk smiled; ” Soldier, there are many paths behind you, but only one in front. Why would you question which way to go?  The Soldier shrugged his shoulders and laughed.  He gathered his things and walked right into the Golden Gates of Heaven.

“Never get too occupied with the past that you can not see the future”.