Tuesday table talks

Self-Defense with Martial Arts Instructor Ali Moseia

Clip from our episode with Martial Arts Instructor Ali Moseia.

Tuesday Table Talks is a live talk show with Mantra Lotus of The Loose Woman’s Sanctuary, Tigra De La Cruz of Tiggy’d Pink Productions and Kids of Cain, Inc., and Leah Cruz of Love’n Light Wellness Center.

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How I created my first NFT for Sale!

Yay! I finally dipped again in the NFT pool! I created an NFT for sale and cross-marketed at the same time! I’m kind of genius like that..lol

A year ago I published a children’s book, Shades of YOU, 100 shades of Black, which is an essential color therapy book for building self-pride for children and to change the definition of the color “BLACK” (Check out the Shades of YOU book page for more information)

As a promotion for the book, I created artwork that would be used to market the book and give more insight into its purpose. Well, COVID-19 put a stop to gallery shows and public viewings and I really couldn’t figure out how to re-market the book, until now.

*The colors chosen in the book and (SOY) artwork were selected by picking true colors taken from the photos of a variety of skin tones of African descendants from around the globe.

(SOY) Vanilla Sunshine Black .0.02 ETH

View the rest of the SOY NFT Collection before they drop