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My Funny Valentine

Be Mine..LOTUSseed Valentines

My Funny Valentine

I love you more today, than I did on yesterday..

and tomorrow I will love you more than I do on today.

I cherish and adore you and welcome you completely and always into my life.

You’re my Funny Valentine

Your smile is as pure as an Indian Waterfall

Your touch is as tender as a baby’s first kiss.

Your voice is sweet like honey and molasses…

Your eyes are like Crystal ..your feet are like diamonds and your hair is like pure rain water

If I had hair of orange blossoms and kisses of Gold..and if by chance I carried the world all in my arms…I would give it all to you..because you are more precious than all combined.

I love you deeper than the Nile river..Deeper than all oceans put together…

My love is everlasting…my love floats on every Swallow’s song.

My love tastes like peaches and strawberries…my love blows and cools like a summer breeze, it comforts like a mother’s hug.

You’re my funny Valentine

You make me laugh when your words tickle the nape of neck

I smile at every morning when the sun whispers your name and at every hour the clock ticks…your heartbeat.

Hey..Hey LOVE….Hey Raspberry…Hey, Honey Dew, Hey, Sweet Brown Sugar..Hey Baby..Hey Boo?

Don’t change. NEVER CHANGE! Stay as you are! Stay as sweet and tender as you are! Stay as BLACK as you are! Stay as STRONG as you are..

“Don’t change your hair for me..not if you care for me..stay, stay..FUNNY Valentine stay….Every day is Valentine’s Day.”