Hello Goddesses Podcast

What’s your gift?

If you want the best you have to be the best. In order to be the best, you must be able to recognize what the “best” is. There’s so much beauty in the world and an abundance of material wealth and worldly opportunity and we all love receiving it. But, in order to receive there must be an openness to give. We open our arms to receive but are our hearts open to give? The Universal Law of Abundance recognizes reciprocity. But, it’s not the way that some of us may think. It’s not a Give and Take, but a “Give and Give”.



There is something so rewarding when entering into the energy field of Receiving. Receiving begins when you have let go of anxiety, self-doubt and self-sabotaging traits that have prevented you from manifesting your true life’s purpose and desires. In the energy field of Receiving you KNOW your value, you ACCEPT your blessings because you are DESERVING. There is no questioning your path, no seeking gratification or acceptance of others. You have done the work. You have overcome obstacles that were strategically placed in your life to not only make you stronger but to teach you discernment. You fought off the demons and wolves that banged on the door of your subconscious and acknowledged your vulnerability while standing in your (own) truth. YOU DID IT!!! REJOICE!

Affirm: I open my heart and mind to the energy of Receiving. I understand the give and take of the Universe. I have given freely without resentment. I lift my hands with open palms and receive my blessings. I am worthy and grateful to have been chosen.

Rejoice and receive all that you must, in order to give back all that you must.