It’s okay to not be okay

There will be Mountains…but guess what.. You will climb them! We all have trials at times in our lives because we are supposed too! Growth is destined..and it’s not always easy.. let’s create a sense of normalcy to not be okay..the process may be difficult but the end result is magical.

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Live your best moment!

Sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture. We get clouded by the visions of our current conditions that we forget about the small changes that we can make to enhance our “conditions”.

  1. Be Mindful! Our way of thinking changes our reality. If you define your life as a struggle and hard, you will always find yourself struggling and having a hard life. Life is a construct, and we are the Architects.
  2. Be Present! If you cannot foresee a positive future before you, (DON’T). It is better to exist within the moment than to project unfavorable conditions later. Just STOP! Be STILL and Exist in order to Exist. Breathe within the moment and when you are at peace, breathe within the “peaceful moment”. Then create another moment. Out of peace create a loving moment, then love within that moment. Love something about you. Love how resilient you are. Love how you care for others. Love your skin and the way it feels. Love your voice and the way it sounds. Love the air and the way it feels. Continue to create your moments until you find your power.
  3. 3. Be YOU! You are not defined by anyone except for YOU! In order for our environment to change (people, places, and things) we must change. In order for the World, Nations, or things on a wider scale to evolve…YOU must change. It all starts with YOU. Moment by Moment change your reality and change your life. If you want your best life? Live your best moment!