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Shades of YOU, Artwork and Racial Equity Project

Introducing Shades of YOU, Artwork, and Racial Equity Project! This program has been in development for a while and I am pleased to announce that we are in the final stages of its progression. It began with Shades of YOU, 100 Shades of Black children’s book which is a color therapy book for black and brown children created to change the narrative of negative connotations associated with the color black.

The Shades of YOU artwork and equity project is an innovative way to help young children understand and celebrate their racial identity. Designed to be used with the Shades of YOU book, this project encourages children to explore the many shades of black while promoting diversity and inclusion.

The project also aims to improve racial socialization by including the community in active participation in teaching children empowering affirmations and supporting them physically, emotionally, and psychologically through direct engagement involving writing prompts, art, poetry, creative discussion, games, and group activities.  

Using art and discussion as a tool, this project helps dismantle colorism and promote the message that every shade is beautiful. It’s an excellent early education tool that can be implemented in schools and homes, promoting a culture of pride in individuality.

The Shades of YOU book and the complete racial equity project are valuable resources for educators, parents, and caregivers. They promote diversity and self-awareness in children from diverse backgrounds. By embracing and celebrating our differences, we can build a more inclusive and accepting society where every shade of black is beautiful.

This project is a love offering dedicated to my late twin sister! I Love Hur’, Vanilla Sunshine Black” is of my twin sister Jere and her granddaughter Railynn.


How I created my first NFT for Sale!

Yay! I finally dipped again in the NFT pool! I created an NFT for sale and cross-marketed at the same time! I’m kind of genius like

A year ago I published a children’s book, Shades of YOU, 100 shades of Black, which is an essential color therapy book for building self-pride for children and to change the definition of the color “BLACK” (Check out the Shades of YOU book page for more information)

As a promotion for the book, I created artwork that would be used to market the book and give more insight into its purpose. Well, COVID-19 put a stop to gallery shows and public viewings and I really couldn’t figure out how to re-market the book, until now.

*The colors chosen in the book and (SOY) artwork were selected by picking true colors taken from the photos of a variety of skin tones of African descendants from around the globe.

(SOY) Vanilla Sunshine Black .0.02 ETH

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NFTs for ART? NEATO!!!

I created my first NFT for art today…I’ve been into crypto for awhile and love the digital market, I think it’s pretty freaking awesome that there is expansion for artists and creatives to market their work within the digital currency world.

Check out my SOY (Shades of YOU) installation on OpenSea…it’s a unique way I’m launching my children’s book “Shades of You, 100 Shades of Black” and creating new opportunities for mental expansion (LOL)..a couple of headaches too. I’m still learning about NFT market so my expectations aren’t much…it’s a lot of fun though.