Be mindful of what energy you put out into the Universe. Be mindful of the things you say out loud. Be mindful of what you say to yourself and be clear about what you want out of life. The UNIVERSE always says YES! If you speak negatively of yourself and your life; the UNIVERSE agrees and reflects negativity on you. If you speak positively about your life, the UNIVERSE agrees and reflects positivity into your life. Be clear! Be direct! Meditate on what you want to manifest in your life. Visualize what it looks like, feel what it feels like, and be open to receiving. (You deserve all that is good that you desire….say YES) and the UNIVERSE agrees.



Let go!

Nothing is more tragic than not being able to receive the Universe’s blessings because of not releasing the past. Open your heart! Open your mind, body, and soul by letting go of past trauma, grief, struggle, and suffering. (Holding on to the past causes regret, resentment, and bitterness) There are boundless gifts waiting for you, you just have to let them in!


Relax. Release. Flow. How to Create Peace in Stressful Situations

Check out this month’s article in the St. Louis Argus Newspaper.


Relax. Release. Flow

How to create peace in stressful situations?

Let’s talk about stress, shall we?

“Stress is the human body’s psychological and physiological reaction to any event or condition that is considered a threat or challenge”. Stress affects our overall well-being and impacts many fundamental systems within our body. When we are stressed our brain sends signals to our adrenal glands to release more adrenalin and to produce more cortisol hormones which put our bodies into flight or fight mode.  These stress hormones affect our health physically, emotionally, and intellectually and attribute to 3 main types of stress. Acute Stress, Episodic Acute Stress, and Chronic Stress.

Acute stress occurs frequently and can occur several times a day. It appears when there is a perceived threat, a challenge, or something unexpected that happens throughout the day. Late for work, for example, an argument, a traffic jam, you can’t find your keys, a disturbing phone call or news.  Acute stress is short-term and easy to manage. And the symptoms of acute stress don’t last long. Acute Stress Symptoms: Anxiety, irritability, memory loss, metabolism, heart palpitations, sweating, headaches, stomach discomfort, and decreased immune system function.

Episodic Acute Stress is when Acute Stress happens frequently. Episodic acute stress happens in repetitive situations. Overworking, overburdening, Overthinking, grief, sadness, and worry are episodic acute stress symptoms. Also, when we allow known stresses to enter and reenter our lives, we are creating episodic acute stress. Episodic acute stress can result in more serious health problems if not managed properly, such as heart disease, and clinical depression.

Chronic Stress Is the most harmful type of stress to our overall health.  Chronic stress is constant stress that persists over an extended period of time. Poverty, abusive situations of any kind, unhappy relationships, or chronic illnesses.  Symptoms of chronic stress can be debilitating such as lethargy, extreme fatigue, insomnia, changes in appetite, migraine headaches, neurological issues, psychological issues, memory loss or difficulty concentrating, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Also, Chronic Stress can lead to unhealthy management habits, such as addiction, self-harm, or compulsive disorders.

Although, stress is a normal reaction and affects everyone not all stress is bad stress. We sometimes need stress to motivate us. Working late at night to finish a project for example may require a bit of nervous energy to get the job finished. Activities like exercise can cause physical stress, but, unlike the acute stressors discussed earlier, these are brief moments of productive energy and the outcome is always positive. Positive stress is always in our control and is manageable. Negative stress feels as if we are not in control and feels difficult to manage.

So how do we manage bad stress? How do we create peace in stressful situations?

First, it is important to note that stress is how we perceive it. Life changes and transitions don’t always have to be stressful or tense. Sometimes it’s necessary to have a bit of tension to catapult us to our divine destinations and when it’s combined with the right mindset, positive change is inevitable. Stress management training can help us deal with life changes in a healthier way.

Follow the (RRF) Mindfulness Technique. Relax, Release, Flow.


Don’t resist the change in reality. Stay present in the moment. Sometimes the more we resist the truth of a situation the more hurt we cause ourselves, and when we put more effort into resisting instead of easing into present awareness we prolong positive results like problem-solving or resolution. So, tell your mind to calm down and relax. Relax, when stressful moments happen and focus on the moment. Don’t revert to past situations and hold on to the emotions attached to them. View each change as a new event, and provide a different outlook.


Take deep purposeful cleansing breaths. (RELEASE) Breathe out any anxiety, fear, or apprehension about the stress. Deep breathing techniques enable more air flow into our bodies and calms the mind, and eases pain and anxiety. Learning to release (blow out) negative energy also allows positive energy in and creates a strong sense of balance within the body and mind.


Now that you are Relaxed and Releasing negative energy and stress, you are entering into the Flow. Your mind and body are becoming more connected and you are becoming one with the current situation and flowing naturally. Your mind is open, your thoughts are clear, and your senses are heightened. You are flowing in the present state of existence and capable of entering into a deep meditative state free of distraction.

Training our minds to train our bodies how to react to stressful situations takes practice. But, by Incorporating the RRF Mindfulness Technique into our daily stress management we can achieve ultimate results in clarity, peace, and happy well-being.

Other proven techniques for relieving stress are:

  • Exercise: any form of exercise helps create feel-good endorphins.
  • Meditation: Puts you into a listening state with yourself and helps you find inner peace that will give you courage and strength.
  • Smiling: Smiling helps with stress and pain because cortisol levels are decreased. You feel better, you look better and you are better when you smile. 
  • Connecting with others: Social interaction is important because family and friends can provide support and sometimes just talking with others about a problem can be the best medicine.
  • Asking for help: Never be afraid to ask for help when feeling overwhelmed.
  • Getting Adequate Rest: Sleep helps the body recharge.
  • Eating Healthy: Eating various fruits and vegetables supports a healthy immune system and reduces stress by providing extra energy to cope with stress.
  • Setting Boundaries: Don’t be afraid to say “NO”, Protect your Peace. You are always in control of whatever you allow into your space.

Author Mantra Lotus, Founder of the Loose Woman’s Sanctuary (A Global Network of Women Empowering Women) and Host of the Hello Goddesses Podcast is a St. Louis, Missouri native. Currently, she teaches meditation classes at Bayer YMCA in St. Louis, Missouri. She is the author of “Brownslip, A Loose Woman’s Memoir”, which has sold hundreds of copies and has been the topic of newspaper articles, feature magazine articles, and discussion groups. Mantra is also the author of the children’s books “Shades of You, 100 Shades of Black”, an uplifting color therapy book for Black Children, and “Sarrah’s Ice Cream” A creative expression of a child with Autism. Her latest releases are a collection of Mindful Meditation Handbooks and visual animations; “4 Ways to Have a Purposeful Life” and “I Believe in Miracles”. Mantra Lotus’s Books can be purchased at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. To learn more about Mantra Lotus, visit http://www.justmantra.org


The Floating Matrix Newspaper Article

Hey, check out my article in The ARGUS Newspaper!

The Floating Matrix Transcript

Most of us don’t believe that our lives are simulations. We consider the term “Matrix” as science fiction or theatrics. It seems far-reaching to envision that most human beings are trapped in a system of invisible (Mathematical) complex structures and advanced generated wiring created to control our everyday lives and actions from birth. But, we are.

The Floating Matrix (our influenced thoughts and beliefs) governs most of our life and daily habits. It is a self-systematic program that has physically placed us like chess pieces on a checkered path.

We are taught separatist views through religion, race, class, gender, and age (classifications; classism) subconsciously and meticulously programmed and led in place. Our identities and individualism have been replaced with mirrored Artificial Intelligence. Freedom and Free To Choose aren’t really free if Millions of people are living the same “Free” choice. We have accepted a herd mentality though we argue against it and deny its truth.

Our individual lives frequently spiral out of control within the same cyclic roller coaster because we have been conditioned to be afraid of the “unfamiliar”. The system of patterns that we have watched others do, that we see daily, and act out throughout our lives is more comfortable than the uncertainty of what’s on the other side of the Matrix.

We live comfortably within mediocrity because it’s meant to be “nurturing” because it is how we have been programmed and accepted it as such. Actually, most of us are unaware of any difference unless we consciously choose to accept that there is more to experience, even then we teeter in and out of our comfort zones and never drift too far away because we are afraid.

So, how do we navigate within this “Floating Matrix”? How do we change existing belief systems that we have created within the nucleus of our thoughts? How do we change our mindset built from mindless actions birthed from traditions, disciplines, and past ideology to become mindfully independent, and is it possible to fully escape the Matrix?

One sure way of escaping the Matrix is by doing something uncharacteristic and unlike anything, we have ever done. It’s forcing ourselves to try new things; take a new road, travel to the unfamiliar, challenge our fears and push past boundaries. It is to deliberately do the opposite of what we would normally do, especially in a typical “Deja-vu” moment. By mindfully changing the trajectory of our decisions we have consciously created new neurons and new ways of brainwave formations and thought; we have awakened higher levels of intelligence and developmental patterns. When we aggressively resist old thoughts and past ways of action we welcome wonder and magic into our lives and create intentions of positive exploration and overall personal growth.

Another way to break out of the Matrix is to question our actions by practicing mindfulness. Dissect our life decisions. Review our overall lives and dominate impacts. Ask questions. For example: “What have I done in the past and what do I believe influenced it? “Why do I do this?” Why do I believe in this?” Did I learn it from someone or something? Can I change? Do I want to Change? Am I happy? Is there more for me? Is there more that I can do in this life?” Review all options. Pay attention to self-opposing viewpoints and repetitive objections to life change.

Lastly, one of the best practices to help with navigating within the Floating Matrix and eventually escaping this Matrix is Meditation. Meditation grants complete freedom over mind and body by allowing us to be spiritual conduits to our inner knowing and teaching us how to be aware of universal connectedness. Meditation teaches us how to communicate with ourselves and tap into our desires. We become better listeners, better self-caregivers, and more confident in expressing to the universe what we want and need because we now are knowledgeable of who we are.

It is important for us to learn how to mindfully make decisions without overthinking and accept that we are more than capable of deciding for ourselves without any outside influence. Let’s find our own voices, separate from any teaching, script, or movie. Let’s hold dear to what benefits us and remove stagnant obstacles from our lives. Let’s hold dear to aged traditions and cultures that help us to create our own identities without changing our spiritual existence. We are free-flowing Super-Powers! Born to be unique and different and to follow our own divinely destined paths.

Let’s pop this bubble! The Floating Matrix.


September 28, National Good Neighbor Day

I will be providing a free session of yoga and meditation for my locals, in celebration of National Good Neighbor Day. The subject is “Intention Setting”.

There is divine power in setting intentions for your life! When you are proactive about your life goals and purposeful in sustaining your mission the Universe works to help you stay on your path and reach your goals. Setting intentions removes all uncertainty of life direction and provides ultimate clarity. When you combine breathwork with mindfulness of intention you are welcoming the flow of completion.

Let’s Do IT!


Flow! Trust The Process!


Show up for YOU!