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Healing Black Male and Female Relationships

Special Series of Tuesday Table Talks! Join us for a healthy and candid discussion on Black Love! (Valentines Day!) 2-14-23 @ 5PM CST. We will discuss the want & needs of Black Love and our personal quests as Black men and Black Women.

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Self-Love, Loving Ourselves Better in the New Year

How do we love ourselves better? This is the full episode of yesterday’s Tuesday Table Talks. We explore the topic of Self-Love. Why are we our worst critics and how do we overcome some of the self-defeatest talks?


Tuesday Table Talks is a live talk show with Mantra Lotus of The Loose Woman’s Sanctuary, Tigra De La Cruz of Tiggy’d Pink Productions and Kids of Cain, Inc., and Leah Cruz of Love’n Light Wellness Center.

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