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Hello Goddesses! Podcast

I am fulfilling my purpose. I have been super busy! Creating..learning and growing. I started a new podcast a few days ago, called Hello Goddesses. It’s an extension of the women’s movement, A Loose Woman’s Sanctuary, that began in February. I’m super stoked and extremely proud of myself, you should see me dancing..lol.

4 Ways To Have A Purposeful Life, is my 4th episode. Have a listen and follow. I would love to hear what you guys think too, so leave a comment. Any feedback or advice is grand.

The full podcast and episodes can be found @ Hello Goddesses and are available on Spotify and Anchor.fm. More platforms and episodes will come in time.

4 Ways To Have A Purposeful Life. Episode 4

Do you know the purpose of your life? On today’s episode, we will discuss PURPOSE! Specifically, knowing what your life’s purpose is.