My Way

Is it my eyes that hypnotize you?

Is it my speech that awakens you?

Is it my touch that arouses you?

Is it my thigh that attracts you?

Is it my mind that enlightens you?

Is it my walk that distracts you?

Is it my dance that entices you?

Is it my breast that nourish you?

Is it my poem that sings to you?

Is it my fingers that guide you?

Is it my smile that humors you?

Is it my backside that makes you dream?

What about my neck, does it motivate you?

Is it my face that brings you wonder? or my chin that sparks your creativity?

Maybe, it’s my hips? Do my hips make you to think of tomorrow?

My hips! ..the hips that reflect greener pastures and the “Birth of a Nation”.

…the hips that rotate on albums of Howlin’ Wolf, Erykah Badu, Beyonce and MJ…

…the hips that shake out “Oew, Love to love ya baby” by Donna Summer,

…the hips that wiggle Mtume’s “Juicy Fruit”.

…the hips that wrap you in Sade’s “No ordinary Love”..those hips.  My hips that grind in timeless anthems of Minnie Riperton, Donnie Hathaway, Coltrane, and Puente beats.

My hips…that move and spread, and glide. Like a futuristic slide, a matrix, a change, a growth, a seed, a cipher.


Maybe, …just Maybe, it’s just my way.

The way, I sound, the way I sweat, the way I cry, the way I sing, the way I sit, the way I cross my legs, the way I bathe, the way I sleep, the way I eat, the way I stare, the way I “humph”, the way I stand and bend.  The way I sway, and lean.

The way I tiptoe with bare feet..

…the way I laugh (loudly) and tell jokes (badly)

…the way I choose to be… just Me.