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Black Boy

Black Boy Poem (Audio)

Black Boy, if I could hold you..swaddle you from yesterday…cover you in blessed shrouds and hide you in tomorrow, I will.

If your smile made you bulletproof and the sparkle in your eyes made you invincible we could sit by the river on a hot day; eat ice cream and laugh as it drips down our chin. If only my love told the future for you..if my love wrote a tangible moment by moment itinerary of where and when you could play outdoors, of when you shouldn’t play indoors and where to hide to keep you safe..If only my love was powerful enough to cross through time, states and countries and carry you into adulthood. If only…I had a magic wand, a magic pill, a cloak or something that could bring you back, to reverse take it all make your face on T-shirts disappear, to remove the murals and blood splattered images that smeared media screens…If I could wish for forever empty caskets, blank obituaries, vacant churches, silent streets and no more sleepless nights and bright red eyes..If I never heard your Father cry and saw your Mother fall to the floor in grief..If only “Magic” made it never exist.

Black Boy

If only my vision were two ways and your enemies could see you the way that I see you. If they could see the innocence in your face. If they could see that you are a “child” a wandering wonder; Inquisitive and Wise, Sensitive and Funny. A goofy, playful, barefoot runner. A boy just like all other boys. A son, and a brother. A friend and cousin with bronzed, dark, glowing skin. A boy who likes football and fishing and playing cops and robbers. A boy that plays chest and wants to be a botanist.

If only the enemies knew that you sang and danced in the shower, if they knew that you recently learned how to make grilled cheese sandwiches on the stove, if they knew that you did your chores without anyone reminding you, if the enemies knew that you were on the honor roll three years in a row, if they ever heard you laugh…if they ever heard you cry…if they bothered to hear you speak…and listened to what you had to say…would it matter? Would you matter?

If the enemies knew that you had dreams and hopes of the future..if they knew that you “wanted” to grow up. If they knew that you had family, friends and people that loved you..would it matter? Would you matter?

You Matter. You matter to me. Your life matters. Your needs and wants matter. Your future matters to me…If I could make it easy..make the world see your wings and let you fly..I would...I will.