Black Beauty’s Song (repost) and video

Black Beauty’s Song

I sing on top of mountaintops

I sing at births and weddings

I sing at jazz clubs

in Hip-hop clubs

Reggae fests and


plays and musicals

parks and supermarkets

bathrooms and bedrooms

I sing of into the night talks and 5 a.m. runs and walks,

of holding hands while walking through the mall

Of tender back of the neck kisses and gentle ear caresses that mimic it all

I sing of black on black love that stood through thrashes and rapes

A love that stood through hound chases and over the broom disappointments

A love that floated to the top of the sea, above tarnished ancestral bones

A love that passes through prison cells and ghetto walls

A love that crawls over mountains and dances through high


I sing in your ears babies

On my knees baby

I sing of good mornings and restful nights

Red roses and bottled wine

Lingerie delicacies

Secret fantasies

Loud love and hushed moans

I sing of hope and resurrection

I sing of peace and friendship

I sing of warmth and comfort

I sing of kisses and tears

From blue-black to the lightest of the beige

From nappy to the nappiest

From the tallest to the shortest

From the thickest to the bony

I sing Black-Beauty’s Song

Loud and soft

Hard and tough


I sing, I sing, I sing

Because of my Mama and my daddy

Because of my grandmother and grandfather

I sing because of my daughters and sons

I sing because I got too

I sing because God told me too and because

Oshun blessed me too

I sing

I sing through tears of remembering and heartache from understanding

the pain of yesterday that creeps into today

but, I sing of rebuilding, mending, and feeding black bellies

of planting and watering fields of black hearts and souls and making them

healthy and whole

I sing Black Beauty’s Song and it sounds so sweet.

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