Silly Little Fishy

Silly Little Fishy Out the tank you leaped..ignorant and deaf buck eyed and free Thirsty for more..bigger, deeper, seas. Hungry for what you “thought” was on the other-side of the glass Silly Little Fishy “The lake has dried up..there’s no water here and the oxygen isn’t that good either.” I watch as you gasp and… Continue reading Silly Little Fishy

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuE7k6KrjLs Illustrious, illicit…an epic affair of magnificent proportion… Colorful, bright, neon, shifty spectrum…. vibrant-red thigh, shines along purple beams. Plum-black finger nails, waver in and out; in-between thin strands of wiry dark hair. Sly crooked smile with perched glossy lip…left a cherry mark on the back of a strong neck… …a full lash flutters simultaneously while… Continue reading Green