I See You-with Background Music

“I See You” from Chapter 1, with background music

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Brownslip: A Loose Woman’s Memoir Review

This is my review of the new book by Mantra Lotus, Brownslip: A Loose Woman’s Memoir:

Five Stars For This Burning-Bright Writer

Mantra Lotus is the hail that breaks your spell of illusions. A superb writer, she is sensual, and raw with in-your-face-honesty of not only her experiences as a woman, but if you were honest, many of ours too.

From the poignant “Love Costs” to the irony of “The Buffoon, The Jester…The Charlatan,” Mantra opens our eyes to glimpse a raw soul that burns bright despite the horrors and torrents of love found and lost and searched for again. She is a divining rod that prods and pokes the false to find the sometimes wicked truths.

In all my years of reading, I have never read a higher caliber of writing than her’s. I saw glimpses of it in her some years ago, but in this book, Mantra Lotus puts it all on an emotional platter for us to partake. You will not be disappointed, but you will want more. She is a scribe like no other.

Cher Duncombe