Flow! Trust The Process!

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Do you! Do you!  Just do you! What does that mean? These days, “Doing you can sometimes be interpreted as a selfish act, but not always.

“Doing you” can also mean being who you are, not allowing others to dictate who you are or have unwanted and unwarranted commentary about your life.

The universe opens itself up to you, when you open yourself  to your divine purpose, which plays a fundamental part in the structure of the Universal Mind Source. The Universal Mind Source is the flow of all that we breathe. We are interconnected through our soul’s work.  For example, what I do for myself, (my life’s purpose) influences the soul work of someone else.

When we fulfill our responsibilities to ourselves, abundance and great things occur because we have fulfilled our responsibilities to the collective.

So, do you!

We are born with our own manifest destiny-our own life script that no one knows but us and the one who breathes through us. When we allow ourselves to share and connect through moments of breath with the source, we have plugged into an unstoppable and everlasting machine.

Our Come to clarity moment is!

My divine purpose is divinely guided from within. 

I am unafraid of being myself because being myself is fundamental to the prosperity of my life and therefore important to those around me

I am who I am and divinely so

My path was made golden at birth and there is no confusion of my purpose here in the physical plane. If ever I get misguided by overthinking, anxiety, or secondhand thinking, I will breathe because I know that when I quiet myself, I quiet my surroundings and my breath is felt with the Universe and the breath of the universe is felt within me.

I am me, and purposefully so!

Be who you are by being all that you were meant to be! The Universe rewards those who are authentically themselves because you are fulfilling your divine purpose, and that purpose has a divine placement within the Universal Mind Source. You were meant to be (YOU) anything less than will not fit in the space that was purposefully designed for (YOU). So, DO YOU!!!

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Push UP

Push Up
Peter Jackson, “The Black Prince”.Portrait gallery of pugilists of America and their contemporaries (1894) by Billy Edwards


Push Up..

Muscles flex and waiver

Chin down, head lift.

Steady. Hold. Fingers Stuck.

Elbows in. Back straight. Wrists strong.


Chin to the ground. Breathe.




Hold. Steady. Toes stuck.

Arms firm.

Shoulders strong

Stomach tight

Bottom in.

Hold it. Hold it!




Chin Down!

Flat on the Ground.







Think of its motion as mirroring the cyclical, up-and-down nature of existence, almost Sisyphean in movement. Often, as in life, you are pushing against your own weight, seeking to overcome self-imposed limits. To perform it well, it takes backbone – both literally and in terms of fortitude. Sam McManis