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Healing Black Male and Female Relationships

Special Series of Tuesday Table Talks! Join us for a healthy and candid discussion on Black Love! (Valentines Day!) 2-14-23 @ 5PM CST. We will discuss the want & needs of Black Love and our personal quests as Black men and Black Women. Join the live stream Tuesday Table Talks


Her Face

She tells the story of her beginning and end her coming and going Her eyes whisper the joys of her children and the heartache of her love and his struggle... The birds melodies vibrate along her skin Wind chimes dangle from her fingertips Flowers blossom in her hair She wakes with the Sun and sleeps… Continue reading Her Face


Blue Butterflies

(For Women's History Month) Throughout the ages..there have been Women. Women who built and bore nations.. Women who fed and constructed. Women that dug in the earth... Basket Weaving Women Powerful Juju having women...Truth Teaching Women...Geechi Speaking women Herb Healing Women Seed Planting Women Heart Healers and Heart Breaking Women.. There were these Women.. These… Continue reading Blue Butterflies


My Belly

Dare I say that I love my belly... "I love my Belly.." Although, I haven't had one in awhile.  I do now.... though brief; primarily from a monthly bloat.... but a BELLY nonetheless. A Belly -of Fullness -of comfort -of laxness A Belly reflective of too much wine and cake A Belly of too much… Continue reading My Belly