Mantra is "The Other Side of the Mirror". Artistically Expressed by Journalist, Artist, Poet, and Social Activist Jessica Williams (AKA Mantra Lotus) from the Greater St. Louis Area. M.A.N.T.R.A.= Motion, Artistic Nuances, Tantric Realities, Anthology. MANTRA tackles Domestic Abuse, Questions Discrimination, and Demands Vindication in Strong Feminine LOUD Voice. MANTRA is provocative and risque. It challenges the mind and provokes internal dialogue in what (WE) believe is Right and Wrong.

It’s okay to not be okay

There will be Mountains…but guess what.. You will climb them! We all have trials at times in our lives because we are supposed too! Growth is destined..and it’s not always … Continue reading It’s okay to not be okay

See the world as you see yourself

When you genuinely love love the world around you. You feel more secure and supported in your life journey. See the world as you see yourself Change your mindset … Continue reading See the world as you see yourself

Happy Women’s History Month!!!!

So what’s going on Mantra?! Every year for Women’s History Month I practically do something magical to celebrate my feminine ingenuity, and this year is of no exception. Actually, this … Continue reading Happy Women’s History Month!!!!